General booking conditions


Reservations are made only with the reservation form, after agreement from the Campsite and within the limit of availability. This form must be returned signed with the deposit no later than 15 days after the date on which the campsite sent it to you. After this time the option will be canceled.

Upon receipt of your reservation and your deposit, we will send you a reservation confirmation, depending on the availability of places. All rentals are personal and cannot be transferred or rented under any circumstances. Anyone not registered in the rental contract will not be allowed to stay without the management’s consent. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

The number of people occupying a location or a mobile home may not exceed the maximum authorized capacity, i.e. 4 people for a location and 2 to 6 people for a mobile home according to the category specified in the terms of the contract.

Anyone outside the campsite (even passing friend or family) must imperatively be introduced or present themselves at reception, and leave the vehicle outside the campsite. Its acceptance in the premises is subject to the will of the management (the management must be able at any time to inform the police services of the people present in the campsite, under penalty of a fine).


Domestic animal

Dogs are allowed on the site and provided they have been declared at the time of booking, not to interfere with the tranquility and safety of residents, to respect basic rules of hygiene and the integrity of the facilities. Small needs are met outside the campsite (parking in front of the campsite and along the Rhône). They must be kept on a leash and the up-to-date vaccination record must be able to be presented. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool or in the sanitary facilities. Category 1 and 2 dogs (pitbull, rottweiler, etc.) are not accepted on the campsite.

In mobile homes only 2 small dogs are allowed, it is forbidden to make it (s) climb on the benches and beds. It is mandatory to provide him with a basket. Dogs must be kept on a leash, and you must not never leave an animal alone on a pitch or in a rental . WARNING to their droppings! You must take your animal outside the campsite and if they accidentally make a need on the site, you must remove it immediately.



The payment of the visitor’s right (visitor rate) does not give the right to access to the swimming pool, which is strictly reserved for residents of the campsite.

Anyone outside the campsite must imperatively be introduced or come to reception.



Place of respect, no water game will be tolerated. Small children must be accompanied by one of his parents. The sanitary facilities are a place of hygiene, no animals can be accepted there.


Night calm

Residents of the campsite are required to comply with the internal regulations available from reception, particularly with regard to nighttime calm.


Troubles and nuisances

Each tenant in title is responsible for the disturbances and nuisances caused by the people who stay with him. When a resident disturbs or causes nuisance to other residents or attacks the integrity of the facilities, his stay can be put to an immediate end without compensation, without prejudice to the claims for compensation that the Campsite and third parties could assert. against him.


Swimming pool

The swimming pool is subject to its own regulations. For reasons of safety and hygiene it is compulsory to respect it. Shorts, boxer shorts, Bermuda shorts are strictly prohibited . Only swim briefs or swim shorts are allowed. The swimming pool is unsupervised, children must be accompanied by an adult under their responsibility, under no circumstances can the campsite be held responsible. No one outside the campsite can have access to the swimming pool (even the guests, whether they are pitches or rentals). No animal is tolerated inside the swimming pool.



Charcoal or wood barbecues are prohibited on the pitches or in front of the mobile homes, by prefectural decree.



The equipment and facilities of the campsite must be used in accordance with their ordinary purpose. Any degradation of the premises, loss or destruction of the movable elements which furnish the accommodation or the buildings of common access engages by right the responsibility of its author. The tenant customer as a rental accommodation or a pitch is personally responsible for all damage, loss or degradation, both to the accommodation and to all the facilities of the campsite, committed by the people staying with him. or who visit him. It must be insured for Civil Liability.

A deposit of 200 € for a mobile home rental must be paid by the tenant on arrival and before taking possession of the accommodation for any damage and will be returned after examination of the premises. The rental must be cleaned by you. Another cleaning deposit of 60 € paid on arrival by the tenant will be retained if the rental is not returned in the best possible state of cleanliness or if the tenant had smoked inside the mobile home. Keys can only be returned in the morning from 8 am to 10:30 am in mid and high season.



The responsibility of the Campsite, beyond its legal responsibility, is not engaged in the event of:

– theft, loss or damage, of any nature whatsoever, during or following a stay.

– nuisance due to natural phenomena (weather, mosquitoes, aphids, etc.)

– breakdown or shutdown of technical equipment, breakdown or closure of campsite facilities. One-off measures, taken by the campsite management, to limit access to certain facilities, including the swimming pool, required by compliance with safety standards or periodic maintenance work. The campsite expressly reserves the right to modify the design and construction of the campsite.

– the deposit does not constitute a limit of liability, the tenant must be insured for civil liability.

– any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of this contract or its consequences will be brought before the competent court.

– the children’s play area is the sole responsibility of the parents, because no child can stay there alone. Likewise, fitness equipment is reserved for adults and if a child uses it, it is under the full responsibility of the accompanying parent. Under no circumstances can the campsite be held responsible.


Payment Terms

For a pitch or for a mobile home, a deposit of 30% of the base price of the services ordered must be paid when booking (with a minimum deposit of 45 €). The balance is to be paid on arrival, before taking possession of the rental.

The payment of the deposit and / or the balance of the stay can be paid either by bank transfer, cash, bank card or holiday vouchers (no change is given),

For payments by bank transfer, ask us for our IBAN.


Allocation of pitches and mobile homes

Your pitch will only be allocated on the day of your arrival. As far as possible we will try to keep you pitches side by side according to our availability and according to the date of reservation. Arrivals are after 4 p.m. and departures before 12 noon.

Your mobile home will only be allocated on the day of your arrival according to the category reserved. Arrivals are after 4 p.m. and departures before 10 a.m. A deposit of 200 € and 60 € will be requested on your arrival (check or credit card number).


Changes and cancellations

Changes to reservations: Reservations can only be changed 6 weeks before the start date of the stay or subject to availability on the date of the change.

Late arrival – Early departure: In case of late arrival or early departure compared to the dates mentioned on your reservation, no refund will be made whatever the cause.

In the case of renting a pitch, you must notify us of your delayed arrival IN WRITING. If no information reaches us on this subject, the site will then be allocated to another customer, the next day at 4:00 p.m.


1 – Due to Camping Tartarin: In the event of cancellation of a stay for reasons incumbent on us, with the exception of cases of force majeure leading us to cancel for reasons of safety of holidaymakers, the customer will obtain a refund of all monies paid.

2 – Due to the camper: In the event of cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the stay, the amount of your deposit will remain acquired at the Campsite. In the event of termination less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the full price of the stay will be due.